Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sized vs One Sized

Sized Diapers
  •  Better fit
  •  Used for shorter periods of time, better shape to use on another child or to sell
  •  Most babies use only the small and medium sized diapers, many potty train before they are big enough to use large diapers.
  •  You will use fewer diapers in each size up, so you don't need as many mediums as small diapers 
  •  Must buy multiple sizes

One Sized Diapers
  •  Buy one set of diapers and in many cases they will last from birth to potty training.
  •  Can use the same diapers on two children at the same time(infant & toddler)
  • May mean no size fits now 
  • Can be bulky
  • Washed more often, may wear out. (not last to use on another child)
  • Using the same diapers day after day for years can get boring

Many parents choose to have about one third of their diaper stash in sized diapers and the rest in one size diapers so they have plenty of choices as their baby grows.